Parks and Recreation, Season 3

Parks and Recreation, Season 3

Parks and Recreation

  • Genere: Comedy
  • Data uscita: 2011-01-20
  • Episodi: 16
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A girl’s gotta dream. Especially Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler). Leslie just wants one thing in life…to beautify her small town. Too bad she works in local politics, where everyone says no to everything, and that’s not about to change anytime soon. This season, the government is back up and running and the State Department auditing team (starring Rob Lowe and Adam Scott) permanently join the Parks and Recreation staff in order to ensure everyone is playing by the book. Will the new guys in town put the kibosh on Leslie’s plans for ka-ching? Not if she can help it. As usual, her priorities are in order and she’s out to prove what she does is really, really, really important. So much so, that Leslie begins planning her next big event. Will it be a success? Leslie sure thinks so.


Titolo Durata
1 Go Big or Go Home 21:30 Scarica
2 The Flu 21:20 Scarica
3 Time Capsule 21:19 Scarica
4 Ron and Tammy, Pt. 2 21:21 Scarica
5 Media Blitz 21:20 Scarica
6 Indianapolis 21:16 Scarica
7 Harvest Festival 26:12 Scarica
8 Camping 21:21 Scarica
9 Fancy Party 21:20 Scarica
10 Soulmates 21:19 Scarica
11 Jerry's Painting 26:39 Scarica
12 Eagleton 21:04 Scarica
13 The Fight 25:03 Scarica
14 Road Trip 21:25 Scarica
15 The Bubble 21:11 Scarica
16 Li'l Sebastian 27:52 Scarica