Hawaii Five-0, Season 1

Hawaii Five-0, Season 1

Hawaii Five-0

  • Genere: Drama
  • Data uscita: 2010-09-20
  • Episodi: 24
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Hawaii Five-0 is a contemporary take on the classic series about a new elite federalized task force whose mission is to wipe out the crime that washes up on the Islands' sun-drenched beaches. Detective Steve McGarrett, a decorated Naval officer-turned-cop, returns to Oahu to investigate his father's murder and stays after Hawaii's Governor persuades him to head up the new team: his rules, her backing, no red tape and full blanket authority to hunt down the biggest "game" in town. Joining McGarrett is Detective Danny "Danno" Williams, a newly relocated ex-New Jersey cop — a working man in paradise who prefers skyscrapers to the coastline — but who's committed to keeping the Islands safe for his 8-year-old daughter; and Chin Ho Kelly, an ex-Honolulu Police Detective, and former protege of McGarrett's father, wrongly accused of corruption and relegated to a federal security patrol. Chin's cousin, Kono, is a beautiful and fearless native, fresh out of the academy and eager to establish herself among the department's elite. McGarrett, repairing his relationship with his estranged sister Mary Ann, vows to bring closure to their father's case, while the state's brash new Five-0 unit, who may spar and jest among themselves, is determined to eliminate the seedy elements from the 50th state.


Titolo Durata
1 Pilot 44:39 Scarica
2 Ohana 42:36 Scarica
3 Malama Ka Aina 40:56 Scarica
4 Lanakila 41:27 Scarica
5 Nalowale 41:54 Scarica
6 Ko'olauloa 41:39 Scarica
7 Ho'apono 43:16 Scarica
8 Mana'o 43:50 Scarica
9 Po'ipu 43:17 Scarica
10 HeiHei 43:28 Scarica
11 Palekaiko 42:57 Scarica
12 Hana 'a'a Makehewa 43:12 Scarica
13 Ke Kinohi 43:49 Scarica
14 He Kane Hewa'ole 43:24 Scarica
15 Kai e'e 41:51 Scarica
16 E Malama 43:39 Scarica
17 Powa Maka Moana 43:25 Scarica
18 Loa Aloha 43:51 Scarica
19 Na Me'e Laua Na Paio 43:54 Scarica
20 Ma Ke Kahakai 42:10 Scarica
21 Ho'opa'i 43:56 Scarica
22 Ho'ohuli Na'au 43:06 Scarica
23 Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau 43:31 Scarica
24 Oia'i'o 43:44 Scarica