NCIS, Season 18

NCIS, Season 18


  • Genere: Drama
  • Data uscita: 2020-11-17
  • Episodi: 12
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The 18th season of NCIS opens with a shocking bang, then jumps back to an episode last season where Gibbs bizarrely left the squad room in the middle of a case. We stay with Gibbs and discover what mission he was on at the time, as the first several episodes take viewers through that journey, interspersed with standalone cases. Then, we return to the gripping opening scene of Season 18. The 400th episode, which will air second this season, delves into the day Gibbs met Ducky and joined NCIS.


Titolo Durata
1 Sturgeon Season 41:28 Scarica
2 Everything Starts Somewhere 43:14 Scarica
3 Blood and Treasure 43:14 Scarica
4 Sunburn 43:23 Scarica
5 Head of the Snake 42:43 Scarica
6 1mm 43:23 Scarica
7 The First Day 43:21 Scarica
8 True Believer 42:29 Scarica
9 Winter Chill 43:33 Scarica
10 Watchdog 43:36 Scarica
11 Gut Punch 43:30 Scarica
12 Gibbs' Rules Keep NCIS At the Top of The 02:51 Scarica