My Hero Academia, Uncut, Season 2, Pt. 1

My Hero Academia, Uncut, Season 2, Pt. 1

My Hero Academia

  • Genere: Animation
  • Data uscita: 2017-03-25
  • Episodi: 13


Class 1-A made a name for themselves after facing The League of Villains, but an even greater challenge is about to begin. These young heroes will now fight students from other classes in the world’s biggest Quirk competition—the U.A. sports festival! With dreams at stake and friends turning to adversaries, Deku will give everything he’s got in his grand debut as the world’s next symbol of peace.


Titolo Durata
1 Hero Notebook 24:10 Scarica
2 That's the Idea, Ochaco 24:00 Scarica
3 Roaring Sports Festival 24:00 Scarica
4 In Their Own Quirky Ways 24:00 Scarica
5 Strategy, Strategy, Strategy 24:00 Scarica
6 Cavalry Battle Finale 24:00 Scarica
7 The Boy Born with Everything 24:00 Scarica
8 Victory or Defeat 24:00 Scarica
9 Battle On, Challengers! 24:00 Scarica
10 Bakugo vs. Uraraka 24:00 Scarica
11 Shoto Todoroki: Origin 24:00 Scarica
12 Fight On, Iida 24:00 Scarica
13 Todoroki vs. Bakugo 24:00 Scarica